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Requiem pour la classe moyenne

Aurélien Delsaux
Notabilia, 2023

The death of Jean-Jacques Goldman, his idol, the star of his adolescence, sends Etienne back to a time when all hopes were allowed, when he still had illusions and dreams. The announcement is devastating, the awakening is brutal: he has been lied to and expected a life full of promises! Faced with this revelation, everything cracks and he suddenly realizes that his life is taking on water. His wife leaves him for a rottweiler, his daughter is lustful and venal, his son is reading the Bible ardently. Trying to survive in this thick chaos, only one thing keeps him going: the great prospect of the gathering in honor of Jean-Jacques, which will take place a few days later in Lyon - where the tribute concert in the Place de la République in Paris will be broadcast live.

Requiem for the Middle Class is a novel as funny as it is dramatic, an existential malaise of disarming sincerity against a backdrop of popular culture. With this farewell to the totem and the cement of the middle classes, Aurélien Delsaux shoots at our time, and he hits it right in the heart, he tells us about this realization, more prevalent than ever: the time has come to admit that the future will have nothing to do with the one we grew up with. But are we ready for it?

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