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Le Monte-charge culturel supports writers in the different aspects of their work. With a anglo-saxon approach, we work on the manuscripts with authors, especially debut novelists, before starting to look for a publisher. We seek the most suitable publishing house for each writer and negotiate the terms of the publishing contract.

The agency also ensures the sale of foreign rights, with the help of a network of sub-agents who represent our catalog of titles in more than 20 countries. We work with Deborah Druba Agency for Dutch and Hebrew rights, Grayhawk Agency for China and Taiwan, So Far So Good for Scandinavia, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia and Liepman Literary Agency for Germany. We also manage adaptation rights (theater, cinema, graphic novel…).

Finally, we support writers in all the projects they wish to undertake that will amplify their unique voice and singular way of thinking.

Brigitte Bouchard

Founder of Les Allusifs in 2001, Brigitte Bouchard joins in March 2012 Noir sur Blanc where she created Notabilia, a collection of foreign and francophone literature. As an editor, she published the work of Maya Angelou, Roberto Bolaño, Goran Petrovic… In April 2021, she starts Le monte-charge culturel in order to offer to the writers she has been publishing for a long time a complete support and to pursue the discovery of new voices. The last six years, she was the artistic director of the festival Un week-end à l’Est, held every year in Paris.and to pursue the work of discovering new voices. She is also vice-president and artistic director of the festival Un week-end à l’Est, which happens every november in Paris.

Sarah Barracco

A graduate in International Relations and Art History, Sarah worked in the design and production of cultural events for 10 years. She was curator at the GoodPlanet Foundation, a venue dedicated to environmental issues in Paris. This experience, coupled with her passion for literature, nourished her reflection on the importance of the stories we tell and their ability to create new imaginaries. Her interests naturally took her to the publishing world and in October 2021 she joined Le monte-charge culturel, before becoming its associate.

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