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“Fantastique histoire d’amour” by Sophie Divry shortlisted for Prix du Livre Inter

The seventh novel by Sophie Divry, released by Editions du Seuil in January 2024, is among the 10 novels selected for the Prix du Livre Inter. The jury of 24 readers, chaired by Isabelle Hubert, will deliver its verdict on June 3rd.

“Fantastic Love Story” is also nominated for the Prix France Télévision, Prix Orange, Prix France Bleu / Page des Libraires, Prix Relay des lecteurs voyageurs, and Prix La Ponche.

January 2024: two publications by writers represented by the agency

On January 4th 2024, Fantastique histoire d’amour, Sophie Divry’s 8th novel, will be released in France by Le Seuil. One week later, Globe will publish Sur les chemins perdus by French writer Stéphane Chaumet. Foreign rights for both books are represented by Le monte-charge culturel.

A new book deal for Amandine Gay

Two years after the release of her debut non-fiction book, Une poupée en chocolat, Amandine Gay signed her second book deal with the French publishing house La Découverte for her autobiographical essay La Blanchisserie. The book will explore the concept of “white supremacy as a political system” through tangible anecdotes drawn from Amandine’s personal experience and elements of …

Rentrée littéraire 2023 : VIERGE de Constance Rutherford

Vierge (Harper Collins) the debut-novel of Franco-British writer Constance Rutherford was released on August 23, 2023. A tender and terribly funny portrait of Maxine, a 24-year-old young woman determined to lose her virginity, VIERGE also delivers a reflection on social expectations and imposed identities.

New client: Monte-charge culturel represents minúscula’s foreign rights

We are very proud to represent Minuscula’s foreign rights (excluded Italy). Minúscula is a Barcelona-based independent press founded by Valeria Bergalli in 1999. Since the publication of its first titles, the catalogue reflects a marked interest in European culture, an artistic heritage which has never known boundaries, and in writers who have determined with extraordinary …

Writer and activist Amandine Gay joins the agency

We are happy to announce that Amandine Gay is now represented by Le monte-charge cultruel. Amandine Gay divides her time between research, creation and activism. In 2017, she released Speak Up, her first film that gives voice to twenty-four French-speaking Afro-descendant women. In 2021, she directed a second documentary, A story of One’s Own, an archive film on international adoption from the point of view of five adoptees. Her first book, A chocolate doll, was published in France (La Découverte) and in Quebec (Remue-Ménage) in 2021. She is currently working on her second book, an essay on white supremacy.

Pantelleria: Calaciura’s travelogue published by Notabilia in France

Pantelleria was published in May 2023 by Notabilia. This short book tells in a poetic language the mythical past of this Italian island and its present fraught with contradictions. Giosuè Calaciura also provides us with some delightful anecdotes, such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s stay on the island after the publication of One Hundred Years of Solitude, or …

French rights to Jordan novel Sand-catcher acquired by Liana Levi

Sand-catcher, the debut-novel of Jordan writer Omar Khalifah will be published in France by Liana Levi. With this story about four Palestinian journalists confronted with the silence of an old man who refuses to give his testimony about the Nakba, Omar Khalifah delivers an original and humorous reflection on exile, Palestinian identity and collective memory. 

Foreign rights managed by Le monte-charge culturel

A thought-provoking essay by French activist Amandine Gay

Le Monte-charge culturel is very proud to represent the World English Rights of Amandine Gay’s debut essay A chocolate doll, published in September 2021 in France (La Découverte) and in Québec (Editions Remue-ménage).  With a background in politics and sociology, Amandine Gay delivers a substantial political analysis of transracial and transnational adoption. Drawing on tools from …

Le Souffle de l’Harmattan: English rights sold to Archipelago

« A fresh little novel, teeming with life, of uncommon strength, to be situated somewhere between Emile Ajar and Réjean Ducharme. » Gilles Marcotte, L’actualité « Put this book on your rereading or reading list, along with L’éducation sentimentale de Flaubert. » Pierre Yergeau, writer « What a beautiful story! And what a fervor… This first novel is a beautiful bouquet of emotions, sometimes serious and sometimes cheerful, composed with constant care.» Réginald Martel, La Presse Le souffle de l’harmattan (Les Allusifs, 2002) is the story of a chosen brotherhood shaped by shared dreams. Habéké Axoum, a young …

Our FBF’s catalogue is available!

We will be in Frankfurt from October 18th to 21st and more than happy to meet! To schedule an appointment or find out more about our latest titles send us an email ( and you can already download our Highlights’s catalogue.

Omar Khalifah is joining the agency

We are happy to announce that Omar Khalifah is joining the Monte-charge culturel. Of Palestinian background, Omar Khalifah grew up in Jordan. He holds a PhD from Columbia University, and currently teaches Arabic literature and culture at Georgetown University’s Qatar campus. His previous publications include Nasser in the Egyptian Imaginary (Edinburgh University Press, 2017) and …

Giosuè Calaciura’s latest novel published in France in August

Giosuè Calaciura’s latest novel, Io sono Gesù (Sellerio, 2021), will be published in August by Notabilia. Translated by Lise Chapuis, the novel was already a winner of the Premio Stresa and the Premio Racalmare-Sciascia when it was published in Italy. It is to be published in Germany (Converso) and Spain (Editorial Periférica). With this book, …

A documentary on Giosuè Calaciura on French TV

The sicilian author Giosuè Calaciura was the subject of an episode of the literary series Libraria, on national french TV. His portrait in images, accompanied by comments on the genesis of his novels Malacarne (Baldini+Castoldi, 1998; Sellerio editore, 2022) and Borgo Vecchio (Sellerio, 2017), traces the writer’s journey. All along, the native land, Sicily and …

Sophie Divry’s latest novel published by Le Seuil

Sophie Divry continues to explore literary forms and genres. Her next book, Fantastique histoire d’amour, is a popular novel conceived as a serial, mixed with fantasy, a love story set in the backdrop of contemporary France. It will be published by Le Seuil. The writer talks about the genesis of the novel: “One day when I was in residency in …

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