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Je suis Jésus

Giosuè Calaciura
Notabilia, 2023 - Traduit par Lise Chapuis

Jesus, the narrator, recounts his life. He lives in Nazareth with his mother, who had him at a very young age, and his father, Joseph, a taciturn carpenter. When Joseph abandons his family without a trace, Jesus decides to go after him and embarks on an epic journey.

He is surrounded by brutal Roman rule, the religious authority of priests, the misery of those without even an olive to eat, the arrogance and opulence of the rich and powerful...It is a restless time, and only a boy searching for himself, tormented by desire and anxiety about the future, is capable of sensing the pulsing undercurrent of an approaching revolution he will become the leader of.

With this novel structured like a TV series, punctuated by twists and turns, innervated by a constant tension, Giosuè Calaciura reinvents one of the greatest story ever told. Io sono Gesù was awarded with the Premio Stresa della narrativa and Premio Racalmare Leonardo Sciascia.

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Download the text in Italian and the presentation of the novel in English
Foreign publications: Spain (Editorial Periférica); Germany (Converso)

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