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Sophie Divry

Sophie Divry has a rather unique place in the French literary scene. Each of her books deals with a contemporary issue (womanhood, our relationship with nature in a world on the brink of extinction, precariousness…) and offers an immersion into a different universe.


Like a sociologist, and always with a lot of humour, she dissects the world we live in, its social, economic and psychological dynamics. She works with great stylistic thoroughness and each of her books also has its own formal challenge. Openly distancing herself from auto-fiction, she is a big advocate for fiction and ambitions to portray our times through invented stories.


Born in 1979 in Montpellier, Sophie Divry worked as a journalist for several years before devoting herself entirely to writing novels. Her first book, La Cote 400, was published in 2010 by Les Allusifs. It was followed by the publication of five other novels, all published by Notabilia, including La condition pavillonnaire (Notabilia, 2015), special mention of the Prix Wepler, an essay on literature (Notabilia, 2017) and a collection of testimonies (Le Seuil, 2020). Her work has been translated into several languages and unanimously acclaimed by critics.


« The common thread running through Divry’s books is the commitment of a writer who deconstructs the societal and novelistic systems that pose so many obstacles for those who are in search of alternative paths.»  Elisabeth Jodin, Le Temps


« Sophie Divry’s novels, so spectacularly different from one another, bring a breath of fresh air to the literary scene.» Raphaëlle Leyris, Le Monde


« Because it is innovative, ambitious and generous, Sophie Divry’s work is to be discovered unconditionally. » Estelle Lenartowicz, L’Express




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