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A thought-provoking essay by French activist Amandine Gay

Date: 17/11/2022

Le Monte-charge culturel is very proud to represent the World English Rights of Amandine Gay’s debut essay A chocolate doll, published in September 2021 in France (La Découverte) and in Québec (Editions Remue-ménage). 

With a background in politics and sociology, Amandine Gay delivers a substantial political analysis of transracial and transnational adoption. Drawing on tools from sociology and affiliations with critical theories of race, cultural studies, feminist studies, decolonial studies and queer theories, she unveils the class relations, global inequalities, and colonial continuum that lie at the heart of adoption in the Western context.

A chocolate doll is also an autobiographical essay grounded in Amandine’s personal history as a black adoptee born to an unknown mother and raised in the French countryside by a white family. This autobiographical dimension provides a very strong narrative arc to her essay and enhances her striking plea to rethink the concepts of family, filiation and identity.

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