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Le bouclier de Marie

Marie Rebour
Editions Philippe Rey, February 2023

​​Marie Rebour’s first book narrates a long-hidden and repressed story. Between 5 and 8 years old, the narrator was victim of sexual assault from her cousin, 10 years her senior. To move past this childhood trauma, and move forward despite the wound, her body and mind will establish survival mechanisms that she designates as her shield.

When the memories come back, the brain rejects them. As for the body, it develops a formidable defense: rejecting every physical touch. Affected by amnesia, the narrator ignores the reason for her aversion to contact while the reader, aware of her past experiences, keeps on discovering her story.

 Le bouclier de Marie advances chronologically and follows the narrator from early childhood to adulthood, through adolescence, years in university, her first job… Devoid of pathos or embellishments, it depicts the effects of trauma in every aspect of her life. Revisiting the past, the book is also turned to the future as it tells a story of a slow reconstruction. It brings to the #MeToo debate its contribution on traumatic amnesia and its consequences.

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